af pltunni musick.
the message you are listening to
has been through hell and back to get its point through.
been dragged through mud, cleaned up again.
so we know you want to collaborate,
we know you wish to be led.

through cables we go,
catch you in the flow,
leading everyone into our own ego.
we know you want initiative,
so we make it feel like it means something,
we make it feel worth your while.

and you're far off,
without all longing.
this is where i want to be.
you're far off,
without an ending.

diplomatic pop flavours not
doing anybody any favours.
we know you need to feel taken care off,
so we make you feel not alone,
we try to make you feel at home.

a sem skapar r lf innan fr,
a sem leysir vandann fljtt og fer n...